How to Meditate?

We know that meditation has many benefits. But as beginners, how do we start to meditate? Here, we introduce to you four meditation methods that are easy to learn and suitable for modern lifestyles:

The First Type: Conscious Breathing Meditation

It is a very basic and indispensable part of learning meditation. It is the basis for people to enter advanced meditation, and it is also the first step for beginners to enter meditation learning. Practicing breathing awareness meditation every day can relieve mental and physical stress and establish a good physical state.

Practice method:

  1. Choose a comfortable posture to relax yourself, relax your whole body, place your hands naturally on your knees or do Vishnu mudra, relax your facial muscles, eyes, nose, lips, tongue, close your eyes, and focus on breathing . Breathe through your nose. You don't need to deliberately adjust your breathing, just observe the state of your breathing-the rhythm, speed, depth of your breathing, or quietly experience the tension and relaxation of breathing. Observe the sound of your own breathing.
  2. Let the breathing state be natural and calm. If you like this method of meditation, relax yourself as much as possible. After a few minutes, your breathing will gradually become stable and you will become more and more peaceful. Continue to observe your breathing and experience the rhythm and state of breathing. Inhale and exhale will be quieter and smoother than before, and experience the peace between inhale and exhale. You can tell yourself with your heart: I'm breathing in slowly, and I'm breathing out slowly. As you inhale, imagine yourself feeling the energy that nature gives your body. When you exhale, imagine all your nervousness and turbid air expelling from your body.
  3. When your attention leaves your breath, don't worry, just observe this "drift away" quietly, and then slowly draw your consciousness back to your breath. As the practice time and the frequency increases, you become more familiar with this meditation method, and gradually you will become more and more comfortable and calmer.
  4. You can adjust the length of the meditation time according to your own state. At the beginning, the time can be slightly shorter, about 5 minutes, and then slowly increase to 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or even longer.

The Second Type: Mantra Meditation

Mantra Meditation is a very extensive meditation method used in the yoga system. It is a simple and effective meditation method that guides the purity of the mind. Voice is a special form of energy in the human body. People have found that yoga speech has a very special power and function. It can relieve people's mental stress, treat mental illness, and even help people achieve the highest and purest state of consciousness. The yoga voice is called Mantra, which is a phrase or simple sentence composed of Sanskrit syllables. It is spiritual, allowing people to find infinite strength and energy in these constantly repeated phrases and sentences. It is not something modern people can create or arrange at will, nor can it be tampered with or canceled at will.

The true mantra meditation should have the following characteristics:

  1. The real mantra meditation is passed down by the yoga master who has realized the highest state of self-consciousness.
  2. These mantra have a certain rhythm, which represent the spirit and power of a specific personified God.
  3. It is a voice with special power and foundation. People continue to repeat these voices to enhance their mental concentration, relieve stress and tension, and let their minds slowly enter a pure state.
  4. After a period of very sincere practice, a specific mode of mantra meditation will be formed in people's mind. mantra meditation can lead people into a true state of meditation.

Here, we recommend one of the oldest, most commonly used and effective mantra meditation: OM. This mantra is one of the oldest mantra and the foundation of all mantra. Indian yogis explained: This mantra is like saying "HOME" (home) with our mouth closed. People often chant this voice to feel a sense of belonging.

Practice method:

  1. Choose a comfortable and relaxed sitting position, let your body slowly relax, and adjust your breathing. Inhale deeply, exhale, and chant or read this voice at the same time, let the "O" come out naturally from the bottom of the heart, and then slowly turn to the "M" sound, let the sound extend and pass through the whole body and head. Let the body and mind completely relax. You can do 5 minutes of "OM" mantra meditation at the beginning, and then increase it to 10 minutes, 20 minutes or longer.
  2. When you first practice mantra meditation, you should sing or read this voice. As your ability to concentrate and your attraction to this mantra increase, you can chant or sing this mantra silently in your heart. Slowly these mantra will often appear in your heart, even when you work, study, and rest, they will appear in your heart. You will definitely feel the magical power of this magical Sanskrit mantra. It is not religious, nor is it mysterious metaphysics, but it can really bring unexpected peace to your heart.
  3. "OM" is a sacred Sanskrit syllable, sometimes written as AUM, and is the oldest Sanskrit sound, which means "the journey of the soul to eternal peace".

The Third Type: Candlelight Meditation

Candlelight Meditation is a very good method of meditation before going to bed. It helps to relax the mind, regulate sleep, improve sleep quality, and treat insomnia. This meditation method can also improve and adjust vision, which is also a concern of ophthalmologists. In fact, many people use this candlelight meditation to treat various eye diseases.

Practice method:

  1. Choose a comfortable sitting position and place a candle on a stool or small table in front of the body so that the flame of the candle is at the same height as the eyes or slightly below the line of sight. Let your breathing relax naturally, open your eyes, let your eyes stare at the center of the candle flame, keep it as long as possible, and try not to blink your eyes.
  2. Close your eyes and try to hold the candlelight image in your mind for a long time. Once the image slowly disappears, don't be depressed, don't worry, try to concentrate, find the image again, and keep breathing regularly.
  3. When the candlelight image gradually blurs and disappears, about 2 minutes later, open your eyes and stare at the candlelight again using the technique just now. Gradually increase the length of time, close your eyes and look at the candlelight image. It can also take as long as possible to capture this image, which can be 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or even longer.


  After practicing this method of gaze and introspection for 3 to 5 times, do not stop meditating immediately. You can continue to close your eyes and experience the feeling just now. If this candlelight meditation does not bring you discomfort, you can do this meditation practice every day, and you will feel calmer and more energetic. For people with amblyopia, the first few exercises may let you tear or feel sore eyes. This is a normal phenomenon, but if you feel very uncomfortable and cannot concentrate, you can give up and choose other meditation methods.


   Don’t force yourself.

The FourthType: Blueprint Meditation

   This kind of meditation is, in a sense, a kind of practice that allows people's minds to find peace and tranquility in beautiful things. This kind of imagination is a way of self-spirited guidance. It is one of the more widely used simple meditation thoughts. You can give full play to your imagination and organize your blueprints according to your own needs and imagination. The important thing is: that must be a blueprint that will make you happy, positive, and beautiful. It can help you find yourself in a difficult situation and find a sense of inner balance.


Practice method:

  1. Choose a comfortable sitting or lying position, close your eyes, relax your spine, relax your face, relax your breathing, you can imagine this picture very relaxed, smiling, and happily, while you breathe slowly and regularly.
  2. Relax your body from head to toe, and then imagine: you are lying or sitting by a beautiful lake, the breeze gently blows your face and your body. And your skin is breathing the moist air. Your body and mind are very relaxed, you are here to absorb the energy that nature brings to you.
  3. Continue to let your body and mind feel this relaxation and the lightness of the beautiful lake. When the wind blew gently, the lake was gently pushed aside, gently rippling away. A beautiful big bird flew over the lake and threw a small pebble from its mouth playfully. The lake surface was pushed away again, circle after circle, and then the lake slowly calmed down. The calm water of the lake was crystal clear. Imagine Your body and mind are as calm and peaceful as this lake.
  4. Imagine that the warm sun shines on the lake, everything becomes warm, and your body becomes warm. Let your body and mind feel this kind of warmth and peace.
  5. Slowly shift your attention to your breathing, and breathe calmly and deeply. Every time you breathe in, imagine that you are absorbing sunlight, warmth, and the energy of nature. Every time you exhale, imagine that your body slowly becomes heavier and sinks, all your tension and fatigue disappear, and your whole body and mind are as peaceful and harmonious as the environment around you.
  6. Maintain this state for 5 to 10 minutes or longer.

When you are in a variety of tension and stress situations, you can also choose to lie on your back or sit comfortably, and imagine your state after solving various problems or when you are successful.

Imagination is a psychological adjustment method for modern people to succeed. Many successful people have a wealth of imagination, which plays a very important role in their careers. This is also a sign of optimism and self-confidence. So, try this kind of meditation, you will definitely have a different sense of purity.

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