Singing Bowl

What is A Singing Bowl

Singing bowls originate from the Himalayas. They are made of seven kinds of local metals and natural ores by hand. Singing bowl has a unique texture and sound frequency. The sound vibration is transmitted to the depths of the body and mind. It is used by local people and monks as one of the religious vessels. Some monks also use it to adjust their mental emotions to relax the body and mind and release stress. Singing bowls were originally used as food utensils by monks. hundreds of thousands of people slowly used it for meditation. The deep and long clang of the singing bowl, as if as long as the bowl holder knocks it, it can bring people into a state of soothing body and mind, and at the same time balance and harmonize the seven chakras of the human body.
Nowadays, various pressures in real life make us become anxious, nervous, uneasy, and even sick. Now, more and more people have begun to pay attention to mental health. With the appearance of concepts of ‘healing’ and ‘meditation’, people take the initiative to adjust their lives, re-examine their bad mental conditions, take more care of their bodies and emotions, and let their hearts return to peace and happiness.

Everything in the universe is a state of vibration. Everyone has vibrations that mark their health and happiness. In the human body, every organ, bone, tissue has its healthy resonance frequency. Once this frequency is changed, the vibration of the body begins to be inharmonious. Inharmonious vibration stimulates nerves and gradually generates stress. Stress and negative attitudes will hinder the normal and healthy flow of energy. It initially appears in the form of weak interference energy, and finally produce physical or psychological diseases. Sound can help people change the frequency of energy vibration from low to high, and eliminate low mood frequencies, such as fear, anger, resentment, etc. Sound vibration therapy can reduce stress, improve concentration, reduce high blood pressure, enhance immunity, remove negative mental and emotional energy, coordinate chakras and brain hemispheres, promote the free flow of life energy, and improve creativity. One of the most effective sound treatment methods is to use Tibetan singing bowls. The sound of the singing bowl makes people peace and quiet, which is often used as a method of meditation.         

The singing bowl can emit a comfortable sound and remove the negative energy that hinders physical and mental health. Once the negative energy of the human body is cleared through the singing bowl, the human body is in a harmonious state again. Stress is the root cause of many diseases in modern humans. Therefore, relaxing the body can balance the body and mind and make people healthy and happy. Singing bowl healing is very helpful for everyone who is stressed and uneasy! Now let’s take a look at the singing bowl healing.


How Does A Singing Bowl Work

Percussion of the singing bowl produces a very penetrating sound wave. The frequency and sound pressure of the sound wave will cause a physiological reaction. The frequency, rhythm and regular sound wave vibration of the singing bowl is a kind of physical energy. Moderate physical energy can cause the harmonious resonance phenomenon of human tissue cells, which can cause resonance in the cranial cavity, thoracic cavity or a certain tissue, such as heartbeat, gastrointestinal peristalsis, brain photoelectric waves, etc. The resonance phenomenon caused by this sound wave will directly affect human brain waves, heart rate, breathing rhythm, etc. This is the basis for the singing bowl to regulate the magnetic field of life.

The sound from the bowl radiates 360 degrees to the surrounding space on the spherical surface. The treble spreads horizontally to the surrounding space, while the mid-bass spreads vertically upwards and downwards. The high frequency is basically absorbed by the human brain spectrum, producing the resonance of the cerebral cortex, and generating fresh, clear, pleasant and comfortable brain waves, which eliminates the discomfort that makes people dizzy and sleepy. Part of the midrange is introduced into the brain through the human ear and acts on the cortex. Layer, produce soothing and calm brain waves, thereby alleviating tension and muscles, and the other part is transmitted to the torso through muscles and bones, and produces different frequency resonances with internal organs, which can massage the organs to clear the venous blood, remove diseases and extend your life. Bass energy is the main force of organ massage with large amplitude and long wavelength. It can directly penetrate into the human body and resonate with the corresponding organs or tissues, playing good bidirectional conditioning of blood, meridians, and viscera, balancing Yin and Yang, and cultivating mindfulness, so as to play a healing and health care effect.

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