What is 528 Hz And The Benefits of 528 Hz

What is 528 Hz?


There's only one number in the entire numeric system whereby the electromagnetic color spectrum is the same as the sound system. That one number is 528. Both the same in color and sound. 528 cycles per second is literally the core creative frequency of nature. Every sound has a specific Hz range, and one of the frequencies--528 Hz, is called the miracle sound, which is often used in sound therapy to restore vitality and repair the body. ‘A miraculous key that opened doors that no man can close and closed doors that no man can open.’528, it can change human life in the most beneficial way! Now scientists have substantive evidence, massive amounts of evidence that show what 528 is. Dr. Leonard Horowitz of Harvard University proposed in 1998 that 528 Hz is the median of all musical mathematical calculations. Unlike other frequencies, this is a "LOVE frequency", which is the center of everything and connects you. Your heart, your soul, the sound frequency that connects heaven and earth. He proposed that this frequency was widely used by ancient healers, and he believed that the music played by this frequency could repair DNA. 528 Hz is the frequency that connects people's heart, soul and nature. He called it the frequency of love. The 528 Hz frequency has the ability to heal damaged DNA, which is the only frequency related to DNA repair.

It turned out that when we discovered the original musical scale. There was not just six, but a total of nine core creative frequencies to the universe. That is everything in the universe is made from nine notes! Only nine. And that the first six are the Solfeggio. And there are three additional ones that form a perfect circle of sound. That perfect circle of sound looks something like this:

Meditateworld Solfeggio Scale

The first six notes ( 396,417,528,639,741,852) was the original Solfeggio scale. 528 is the heart of the nine notes, connecting the miracle notes of the universe.

What are the benefits of 528 Hz

528 Hz is integrated with natural ecology, which can calm emotions, relieve stress, and quickly repair DNA in the body.

meditateworld 528hz DNA repairer

In 2010, John Hutchinson, an electromagnetic energy expert from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, helped purify the toxic water near the Gulf of Mexico after the BP oil spill. He and his research partner Nancy Lazaryan used 528 Hz frequency and other Solfeggio tones to reduce grease in polluted water.
The polluted waters were treated with the above frequency for four hours, and the water was purified the next morning.
Before the frequency treatment, the oil and grease was 7ppm, and the measured result after the public test was less than 1ppm.
Meditateworld 528hz benefit
Infuse water with nature’s most famous energy

Their results were certified by Dr. Robert Naman, President of Analytical Chemistry Testing Laboratories, Mobile, Alabama. Dr. Naman is an analytical chemist who has worked in the field for nearly 30 years. In just 24 hours, John and Nancy used sound and radio frequency to almost completely eliminate the oil and toxins, and the harmful substances in the water disappeared. John’s method of using sound and radio frequencies nearly eliminates the oil and toxins completely, and has no known dangerous side effects. Analytical Chemical Testing Laboratory, Inc. (ACT) suggested, although technicians do not fully understand the technology, it is clear that the process can be extremely valuable and it should be given an opportunity to test on a larger scale.

528 Hz is also considered a frequency that contributes to health and longevity. Its vibration brings your heart into harmony with nature. More and more music healers choose 528 Hz tones to awaken spirituality. It can also help your consciousness flow in perfect rhythm and harmony.

Meditateworld benefits of 528hz

528 Hz music can awaken human consciousness and bring more harmony and peace in your life. It will make you more self-love, no longer worry about suffering from illness, and let you release hatred. It has a good effect on good health and deep sleep.

528 Hz is one of the best scale frequencies. It has a great relaxing effect on the body and mind. Listening to music with this frequency before going to bed can help people with sleep disorders improve their sleep quality.

528 Hz is very important for human beings. It is a treasure that remains to be discovered. If we pay attention to it and use it in proper ways, it will greatly benefit our physical and mental health!

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