Why Famous People Meditate

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Katy Perry

It's like a little pill, but not a pill. It's a practice. It's a little practice that you do and to me it's the most rest. It's like the most power nap you could ever get. This tool helps me find moments of peace, because I don't have a whole lot of time that extend my day so I can live like my fullest capacity. It gives me two days in one day. It just gives me this power.”

Jim Carrey

It’s been around for a while but I think on a widespread level it's being picked up by everybody now. It's being understood as something more than some kind of religious, nutty thing. It's a system of teaching yourself how to get into the state of relaxation that affects your entire life.

Hugh Jackman

It’s not just finding quiet, it’s finding bliss and that is natural, that is for everybody. You see it in babies. You don't have to teach it them. We somehow forget.

It's a different experience every time. But I get glimpses of something that energizes me on such a deep level that I now I'm not sure exactly what I'd do without that form of prayer. It's a way to be in touch with who I really am.

Curtls Jackson

It helps me because it puts me in a conscious space. Before I actually do it, I keep reminding myself. I ask myself who am I, who am I...

Arianna Huffington

It's just a reminder that underneath all our comings and goings, our successes and our failures , there is a deeper dimension to our lives and we can tap into it and show up from that place which is wiser and more joyful and more compassionate.

Dan Harris

As soon as you try to do this, your mind is going to go bonkers. You're going to start thinking about what's for lunch, do I need a haircut? Where the gerbils run wild... You're just going to notice... oh, my mind’s going crazy right now. That noticing is the key moment, is in fact, the victory. It's interesting because this is when most people think they’ve failed. “oh I can't meditate cause I can't clear my mind”. It is the BIGGEST misconception about meditation. You do NOT need to clear your mind. That's impossible, unless you're enlightened or dead. The whole goal is just to notice when you’ve become distracted and start again. You return your attention to your breath and you just do that a million times. And every time you catch yourself wandering and go back to your breath. It’s a bicep curl for your brain. It changes your brain.

Cameron Diaz

To have that tool now and to be able to go inside to the deepest part of myself and to access that and to recharge my battery INTERNALLY within myself. I feel so badass. 

Paul McCartney

I was personally not in a good place. I think you know just overdoing it in the 60s. So I was just not very sort of centered and I was looking for something. I think we all were.

Ellen DeGeneres

I was very impressed by the people that I learned that they did TM( transcendental meditation) and I was like well they're interesting people. There must be something to it and I thought I'll try this even though I'm not good at meditating. It is the ONLY time I have that stillness. It's the ONLY way I've ever been able to sit long enough that I opened my eyes and I'm sad that it's 20 minutes later.

Jerry Seinfeld

I'll tell you my greatest regret. I didn't know the importance of that morning TM ( transcendental meditation) in those days. If I had two TM per day. I’d still be doing the show right I could not have the energy I was exhausted sometimes amazingly exhausting all the time.

Kobe Bryant  

If I don't do it I feel like I'm constantly chasing the today. As opposed to being able to be control and dictate the day not that you're calling the shots on what comes forward but the fact that I am set and ready for whatever may come my way. I have a calmness about whatever come to my way and poise. And that comes from starting the morning off with meditation.  (I am a fan of Kobe Bryant, his accident was heartbreaking. Mamba is never out. Mamba forever!)

Jennifer Aniston

It's like a kickstart for your day and it just centers you. Your stress levels are just down and you find yourself interacting in the world much easier and better and in a calmer way and there's just a peaceful joy that sort of comes over you.

Phil Jackson

As much as we pump iron we run to build our strength up. We need to build our mental strength up.

Howard Stern

I am a big proponent of meditation and for radio I feel it added tremendous creativity. Having it in the morning and afternoon, in fact, to this day after I do the radio show my head is pounding so better headphones and the loud noise and five hours of headphones and talking, I mean it's exhausting. I go and I meditate, and I walk out I have the whole rest of my day. I'm a NEW person! I don't think I could really live without it. 

Russell Brand

I wanted to learn about Transcendental Meditation due to my dissatisfaction with some of the pleasure that I talked about: drugs, the fame, the celebrity, the consumerism, the wealth. All of these things that pledge happiness but deliver so little of substance. And in learning about Transcendental Meditation I found very quickly access to a deeper state of happiness, which is very profound.

Russell Simmons

Meditations promotes gratefulness. You want to be grateful. You want to operate from a grateful space. The person who is grateful is really attractive. It allows you to be a good giver and again good givers are great getters. I think that kids are growing up in a world full of stress. It’s  full of anxiety everywhere. There's this pressure to succeed. There's this over-emphases on things. It's a difficult place to grow up. This world you can get every kid happiness when you give the meditation the moments when they realize they have everything you have. Give them that gift very very important. The greatest gift you can give is consciousness and please.

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