Day 5 of 21 Days Meditation Course

How to Meditate?  

Day 5 -- Releasing Negativity

If you are a meditation beginner, you may have no idea how to meditate. Then, welcome to Meditateworld 21 days meditation course and challenge. (If you want to check Day 4 of 21 days meditation course, please click here.)

Welcome to Day 5

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There is a saying, you are known by the company you keep. And through our environments, we tend to inherit the beliefs of those with whom we spend the most time. These philosophies then become part of our subconscious mind. Though research shows that we function largely with subconscious minds that have been programmed by others. As humans, we have the amazing ability to change past conditioning. We can achieve this by releasing negativity, interacting with like-minded conscious people enjoying inspirational sights, and sounds and engaging in uplifting activities.

In this way, we can develop new positive ways of living and begin to clear the subconscious of all that does not serve us. True transformation is brought about by the two qualities inherent in consciousness attention or focus, and intention a clear vision of the desired outcome. Attention energizes and intention transforms. What we place our attention on expands in our lives. And our intention for the object of our attention will orchestrate the forces of the universe to support our desired result. Harnessing this power of attention and intention, you can change your life to reflect exactly what you envision.

Entering into the field of all possibilities during meditation, allows us to bear witness to our co-creative powers, and change any situation in our lives. For instance, if you want to move from where you currently live to be closer to the ocean, then you might envision a two-bedroom home, one block from the water's edge with a vegetable garden and lawn for the dog. Being specific helps crystallized the vision. When you go into meditation, look at this intention and let it go.

Surrendering to the field of all possibilities and allow the universe to correlate the details. You are a radiant cherished and deeply loved being, imbued with the seeds of divinity and possessed the power to live a life filled with love joy, health, compassion, friends, material possessions, and whatever else you choose. Expect and accept this ultimate good and Rivera in the truth of your resplendent existence. Right now as we prepare for meditation, let's take a moment to contemplate today's centering thought: Today I embrace my potential to be, do, and have whatever I can dream. Today I embrace my potential to be, do, and have whatever I can dream.

Now let's begin. Please find a comfortable position, placing your hands
lightly in your lap and closing your eyes. In this moment go within to that
place of inner quiet where we experience our connection to the higher self. Let go of all thoughts and begin to observe the inflow and outflow of your breath.
With each inhalation and exhalation, allow yourself to become more relaxed, more comfortable, more at peace.

Gently introduce today's Sanskrit mantra. Repeating it mentally and allowing it to flow with effortless ease. Sat-chit-ananda. Sat-chit-ananda. Existence, Consciousness, Bliss. Sat-chit-ananda. Whenever you find yourself distracted by thoughts, sensations in your body, or noises in the environment, simply return your attention to mentally repeating the mantra: Sat-chit-ananda.
Please continue with your meditation. I'll mind the time and at the end, you'll hear me ring a soft bell to indicate it's time to release the mantra.
Sat-chit-ananda, Sat-chit-ananda. (Bell ring) Begin..

(Bell ring) It's time to release the mantra. Please bring your awareness back into your body. Take a moment to rest, inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply. When you feel ready, gently open your eyes. As you continue with your day, carry the sense of unlimited potential with you, and consider today's centering thought: Today I embrace my potential to be, do, and have whatever I can dream. Today I embrace my potential to be, do, and have whatever I can dream. Today I embrace my potential to be, do, and have whatever I can dream. Namaste.

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