Day 9 of 21 Days Meditation Course

How to Meditate?  

Day 9 -- The Law of Giving

If you are a meditation beginner, you may have no idea how to meditate. Then, welcome to Meditateworld 21 days meditation course and challenge. (If you want to check Day 8 of 21 days meditation course, please click here.)

Welcome to Day 9

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Life blooms through the flow of giving and receiving. Nothing is static. Our bodies flourished through dynamic and constant exchange with the universe. Cells thrive through cooperation with one another, as do all organs. Blood must flow freely and stopping its flow creates coagulation just as clogging the flow of a river creates stagnation. Nature similarly provides us with a perfect symphony. The Sun provides warmth for seed paths to sprout. Rain brings much-needed moisture to crops which subsequently give us food to nourish our bodies. Nowhere in the natural world does hoarding exist. The process of giving and receiving is a crucial part of nature's rich abundance. In this way, the law of giving is very simple. If you want joy, give joy to others. If love is what you seek, offer love. If you crave material affluence then help others become prosperous. The easiest way is to get what you want is to circulate the flow of abundance and help others get what they want and what they need. To be blessed with all the good things in life including abundance learn to silently bless everyone with all the good things in their life pleasant thoughts, good wishes, appreciation, compliments, or even a smile. The more you give the more you receive.

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Consider abundance as simply another name for universal good which is always available to you as a divine loving compassionate being. By accepting life's goodness and offering it to others you will create true abundance in your own life. Today practice the law of giving by offering a small gift to everyone you encounter. The gift needn't be expensive or of any monetary value at all. A flower, a smile, a heartfelt compliment, a helping hand, or a silent blessing and remain open to gratefully receiving all gifts that are offered to you. As we prepare for our meditation, let's take a moment to focus on today's centering thought: Today and every day I give that which I want to receive. Today and every day I give that which I want to receive.

Now let's begin. Please find a comfortable position, placing your hands lightly in your lap, palms upward, and closing your eyes. In this moment, go within to that place of inner quiet where we experience our connection to the higher self. Let go of all thoughts and begin to observe the inflow and outflow of your breath. With each inhalation and exhalation, allow yourself to become more relaxed, more comfortable, more at peace.

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Gently introduce today's Sanskrit mantra for the law of giving. Repeating it mentally and allowing it to flow with effortless ease. Om Vardhanam Namah, Om Vardhanam Namah. I nourished the universe and the universe nourishes me. Om Vardhanam Namah. Whenever you find yourself distracted by thoughts, sensations in your body, or noises in the environment, simply return your attention to mentally repeating the mantra. Om Vardhanam Namah.

Please continue with your meditation. I'll mind the time and at the end, you'll hear me ring a soft bell to indicate it's time to release the mantra. Om Vardhanam Namah. Om Vardhanam Namah. (Bell ring) Begin..

(Bell ring) It's time to release the mantra. Please bring your awareness back into your body. Take a moment to rest, inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply. When you feel ready, gently open your eyes. As you continue with your day, carry the sense of abundance with you, reminding yourself of today's centering thought: Today and every day I give that which I want to receive. Today and every day I give that which I want to receive. Today and every day I give that which I want to receive. Namaste.

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